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    Featured Article

    Grit Determination List
    by Kaye Bailey

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    Since we are focused on getting back on track, rediscovering our pouch and empowering ourselves with success now is a great time to make a Grit Determination List. (grit: indomitable spirit: pluck)

    A Grit Determination List?

    Absolutely! This is a list of your Grit Priorities - the things in life about which we are unyielding; the things you will accomplish without regard or acknowledgment of life's barriers. Your list can include weight loss surgery rules and/or goals, healthy living concepts or just stuff you need to fix so you can thrive. Life has few absolutes - the GDL (Grit Determination List) is one of them. It can be a list of one or a list of one hundred. Just write it down. Hold your GDL close to your heart or share if you must. Either way, get hell-bent and uncompromising with your list.

    Own it.
    Live it.
    Love it.


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