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Thank you for making LivingAfterWLS part of your long-term success with weight loss surgery. LivingAfterWLS is committed to supporting you in this life-long journey by giving you the empowerment tools you need to thrive in your new life.
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  • Books & Publications

  • LivingAfterWLS and Kaye Bailey are proud to present select books and publications to support your long-term success and LivingAfterWLS lifestyle.
  • Feed the Carb Monster Soup Mixes

  • Our 8-serving Carb Monster Soup Mixes are made of the finest high quality ingredients with a focus on natural flavor with herbal and spice essence for your full culinary enjoyment. Simply prepare by adding water. These mixes are an economical solution to your carb cravings at less than $1 per serving.
  • Seasoning Blends

  • The You Have Arrived Seasoning Collection. The You Have Arrived (YHA) Seasoning Blends are hand-mixed in small batches of all natural ingredients specifically formulated to support your healthy diet after surgical weight loss. We know that "Protein First" is the dietary key to weight loss and weight maintenance with surgery. And we promise that well seasoned protein is the first rule of satiation and culinary pleasure of any healthy diet.
  • All Products

  • Browse our complete inventory of products designed to promote your health and wellness as you are LivingAfterWLS.

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Sale:  $20.95USD

Kaye Bailey's 5 Day Pouch Test has helped thousands of people take control of their surgical pouch. The Owner's Manual gives you the complete plan and 52 delicious recipes so that at the end of five days you are back in control of your surgical weight loss. You Can Do This! "If you are one of the many people struggling with regain after surgical weight loss I invite you to give yourself the power of the 5 Day Pouch Test." -- Kaye Bailey

"The most important 100 pages you will ever read in your WLS journey." -- Jane S.

Free 2009 Success Kit with Every Order!

Sale:  $16.00USD

The LivingAfterWLS community cookbook featuring 300 recipes from fellow weight loss surgery patients. Nutritional information and helpful hints provided. Spiral bound, 175 pages. Categories include: Appetizers & Beverages, Protein Breakfasts, On The Go Protein, Healthy Snacks, Condiments & Sauces, Soups & Salads, Vegetables & Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Sensible Desserts and Healthy Grains.

Now in its 3rd Printing!
Free seasoning Sample with every order!!

Sale:  $18.85USD

The You Have Arrived Spice & Seasoning blends are all natural specially formulated to provide flavor and nutrition to your high protein diet. The collection includes the Signature Blend, Savory Provence, Poultry Seasoning, Grilling Blend and Finishing Salt.

Sale:  $12.95USD

We have developed these mixes to be full of nutrients, light on sodium and phosphates, easy to prepare and versatile. Each mix provides eight (1-cup) servings of healthy and comforting soup to feed the Carb monster. They are great economically friendly meals for Days 1 & 2 of the 5 Day Pouch test at only .81 cents per serving in this introductory offer.

Offer includes:
1 Mix Hearty Vegetable Soup - Eight (1-cup) servings
1 Mix Tomato Basil Soup - Eight (1-cup) servings
Free Sample: You Have Arrived Finishing Salt

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